New HSE website aims to demystify HS requirements

  Health Surveillance is a key component of ongoing, systematic and proactive health and wellbeing (at work) for many organisations, especially those whose employees are potentially put at risk by their working environment. Health Surveillance is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work

Your typical OH referral could be costing you £2,250 more than it needs to.

Occupational Health (from Corporate Health anyway!) will deliver; clear, decisive and commercially focused advice and reports. OH can make the difference between an absence going on and on, seemingly forever, or actually helping HR and managers to make some tough decisions, more often than not, getting the employee back to work.  Surely,  we have all now read enough about the cost of absence (No?! click here  for

Flu vaccinations 2012

Just a quick update on the Flu vaccinations program 2012 from the offices of Corporate Health, situated on the Slough Trading Estate (to set the idyllic scene!)

Our first batch of Flu vaccination orders is now complete, with vaccinations being administered at our clients sites throughout the UK, as well as at our Slough Medical Centre. For those that know the Slough Trading Estate (SEGRO), our offices are situated close to what may well be the UK’s busiest Greggs!

When compared to 2011, our clients would seem to be approx. 3 weeks ahead and have committed to their flu programs earlier. This may well have been driven by concerns about the availability of vaccines, following the problems encountered by one of the vaccine manufacturers.

We are now in the midst of the second wave of bookings, with plenty of vaccine available.

Flu and why offer the vaccine to your employees?

Flu is extremely infectious and is passed on through sneezing, coughing and hand to hand contact, also  it can be transmitted indirectly from touching items such infected door handles and telephones.

Offering your employees a flu vaccination has a many benefits such as – reducing employee sickness absence and maintaining productivity; demonstrating a firm commitment to your employees health & wellbeing, as well helping to protect the wider community.

If you have concerns or questions about offering your employees a flu vaccination, please contact us via this link. We would be delighted to help you and provide a quote whether for onsite (at your premises – UK wide) or at our Slough Medical Centre. Concerns you may have; such as employee consent are easily managed. We are here to help.

All the best