Employee Engagement and Health & Wellbeing

Employee Engagement and Health & Wellbeing

Much has already been shared about ‘Employee Engagement’ – it is an interesting phrase, for me it means that my colleagues are aligned in understanding our organisation’s direction, that we all share the same corporate values, and we are committed to making things happen. It is positive.


The picture above demonstrates a team that is obviously engaged, focused and has a clear shared purpose.

Employee engagement from a Health & Wellbeing perspective is often seen as a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘cannot do without’. We at Corporate Health would disagree; having employees merely at work, present, is only a starting point. With a focus on increasing Health & Wellbeing, your team will be more productive, successful and enthusiastic. The overall health of the employee base will be good to great, not merely OK. A team that is healthy and engaged is a winning team, their success breeds further success, enhancing morale and creating an environment that has positive momentum. By way of comparison, a generally unhealthy workforce will likely be disengaged with morale affected by higher levels of employee absence – both frequent short-term and long-term spells of absence. Morale will dip as employees cover absent employees; it is a downward unhealthy spiral. Whilst the effects on the organisation’s profit or sales may not be felt or recorded with a huge dip, how would an extra 10% – 15% – 20% of sales revenue or profit look like to your business?

Where to start? Health & Wellbeing initiatives need not be complicated or hugely costly, but they do need to start. We would recommend that you consider first the roles and the environment of your workforce. For example are employees reminded of the benefits of staying hydrated? It is a simple initiative that, if communicated clearly and drip fed (pun intended) over the year, will increase the Health & Wellbeing of your employees. The investment? A few posters printed out and maybe mentioned at staff meetings and some more water consumed.

Another simple method to get employee Health & Wellbeing on your organisation’s agenda is setting out and sharing a Health & Wellbeing calendar, with subtle focus on subjects such as reducing cholesterol, the benefits of exercise, cycle to work schemes, smoking cessation courses etc.

How about combining being active with team building and raising some money for charity? This is a win, win, win initiative and it is low cost.  Activity4Charity is a fun interactive, behavioural change programme to help organisations encourage their staff to adopt a more active lifestyle.  Participants in teams of five enter this challenge which runs for six weeks and are given daily activity targets that are recorded using a USB digital pedometer. As well as motivating change the programme is also an effective way to engage staff and improve team relationships.  To widen the demographic of those participating, individuals can also link their activity to charity fundraising.

For a small investment you could run a Health & Wellbeing day; at these events our clients make a modest investment to have a nurse onsite to measure the cholesterol, Body Mass Index, resting blood pressure and pulse of employees. It’s an event that is always well received and seen by employees as their employer doing something positive with regard to improving Health & Wellbeing.

Employees that are ‘Happy, Healthy and Here’ will likely be more engaged with your business and the shared vision of success.


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