Getting the most from your in investment in Occupational Health and spend less…

We (Corporate Health) work in an environment that is dominated by price, to the point that often the cost of providing an OH Nurse or Physician is viewed as more important that the quality of work delivered! However HR and line managers quite rightly want to receive a high level of quality and clarity in the OH reports delivered to them. So if cost is so important – why not focus on getting the most from the investment made by your organisation in Occupational Health?

To achieve better value for money from OH consider the following;

Earlier referral to OH – often by getting OH involved earlier the case is likely to be less complicated and therefore will progress sooner, take less time to close and more likely not need face to face consultation.

Triage – Not all cases will require the same level of clinician (OH Nurse / OH Physician) , by triaging the case you can quickly identify which resource is better suited to each case. Broadly speaking an OH Physician will cost your organisation 40%-70% more than an OH Nurse. Will your case really benefit from that extra cost?

Manage onsite OH resource – If your organisation has an OH Nurse on site, however frequently, ensure that you have fully scheduled their time. By scheduling their time you will benefit from better use of their time, rather than let them be seen and treated as some kind of General / First aid Nurse. Make sure they are completing your mandated health surveillance checks or use their free / available time to conduct health and wellbeing screening.




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